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  The “back office” functions are the    heart of any firm’s daily operation.    Let us show you how to improve    them.

At Accounting Global, we are aware that our clients value the security of their data, information and other matters and therefore we have addressed each areas on concern with great caution and care so that our clients have a comfortable feeling about their privacy and security of data and information

The security policies of our organsiation are well defined and encompass the following

»Client Information is electronically shared on our secure server. We use the latest data encryption technology to protect the client data. All information is maintained online and log entries are automatically generated each time the data is accessed.

»Accountants, bookkeepers and tax professionals are bound by comprehensive Non Disclosure Agreements which they have to compulsorily follow under all circumstances.

»We have control access at each entry and exit points. This will ensure unauthorized people do not enter our secure data processing centers.

»Original Client records never leave our premises.

»The computer systems are adequately backed up by uninterrupted power supplies and the entire data is backed up daily on our secure servers.

»Emailing facilities are restricted for accounting services and can be used only by the team managers. Emailing facilities are unavailable for Tax services and all correspondence happens only through the tax software.

»Floppy drives, CD R/W devices and other write able devices are stripped from the computer systems so that no data or information can ever be copied.

»Our data processing center is virtually a paperless office as no source documents or outputs are ever printed.

»Printers are used for limited purposes only and only used by the management for their requirements.

»Employees entering and leaving the data processing center are frisked during each entry or exit by security personnel stationed at the entry and exit points