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  The “back office” functions are the    heart of any firm’s daily operation.    Let us show you how to improve    them.
Innovation, quality, continuous improvement, and rapid growth ... these words describe Accounting Global and the services we offer. We provide you complete accounting solutions at our processing facility. We handle all your accounting functions and offer you the flexibility to outsource either all or selected portions of your internal accounting functions, such as basic bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and tax services while you can focus on improving your core competencies.

With our experienced Canadian accounting and technology implementation teams conducting the diagnostics, you are assured a seamless and secure integration into your existing work environment. More importantly, we offer you our highly skilled people; our passion and our inspired leadership that helps you carry on to the next level of excellence.

Here’s how this exiting new outsourced process works for our clients.

It starts with digitizing your work papers. Customers are required to scan the documents and submit them electronically to our secure data facility. This is dispatched to the “For Process” Section.


Our trained accounting professionals at our offshore processing facility index, scrutinize the digitized work papers. Our personnel employ the standard accounting & payroll software that is worldwide and also probably used by you. On 24 hours turnaround time the processed accounting information are ready. This Processed information is put into the “Processed” Folder. In cases where clarifications are sought, the records are isolated under the “Queries” section.

The processed accounting information is transmitted to you for review. You’ll receive complete information, annotated with any questions or comments that our professional considered necessary to bring to your notice. Upon receiving the financials, you can review the same, and or modify as necessary. The work processed by our professionals is constantly logged under a “Log” folder, which gives you the option of obtaining the work papers in a digitized form for convenient access and retrieval.

All of the above are the on-going process that will ensure convenience & comfort and quickly scale to customer needs effectively & efficiently over time .

In a world of tight budgets and timelines, Accounting Global provides the services & resources to face the unique challenge of continually maintaining a competitive edge by focusing on your core business operations. Whether outsourcing is part of your strategy for cost reduction, improving operations and/or restructuring, our services offer you financial return, risk mitigation and strategic alignment.

Preliminary Assessment & Migration Initiation
»Project-Customer-team mapping
»Documentation pre-requisites
»Requirement overview
»Detailed project plan

Process Understanding
»Study customer “As-is” process
»Process categorization & analysis
»Volume Assessment
»Performance metrics
»Risk Identification

Operation Design & Development

»Study customer “As-is” process
»Technology analysis
»Assessment of requisite resources (skill set, numbers)
»Performance metrics (Reporting requirements)
»Risk Identification (What-if Analysis and Contingency Measures)

Program Implementation
»Finalization procedure
»Pilot run
»Test-run Monitoring
»Process Enhancement Audit