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Our Payroll services are aimed at providing competitive and effective solutions to our clients and helping them to handle one of the most sensitive functions with reasonable ease and convenience. Our clients would be the first to agree that Payroll and Tax is one function which they would rather not handle on their own but outsource, because of various reasons. We bring in our domain expertise and rich experience in payroll processing and tax management to handle this function for our clients. Our team comprising payroll and tax experts have indepth knowledge and understanding of various processes involved in a payroll cycle and are well versed with the tax laws of various client countries. Our payroll processes are well designed in complete adherence to the client specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

When performing the payroll processing we gather the information in the same way that invoices and other original information is obtained in eaccounting - via scan, fax or voicemail. The fax and voicemail messages are then converted into an electronic file that can be saved and archived. This will provide you with a complete audit trail for each transaction.

Tax Outsourcing

The tax outsourcing business model, once narrowly defined, has in recent years dramatically changed and expanded. As the tax outsourcing business model expands, more and more companies are turning to tax outsourcing to help minimize operating costs and maximize efficiency. Providing specialized tax outsourcing services requires a road-tested methodology that allows for customization in tax outsourcing processes. Our methodology enables us to replicate processes in a manner that provides a turnkey solution for clients of almost any size. Unlike many competitors, our tax outsourcing services include a hybrid of onsite management consulting and offsite transaction processing. Today, our skills can provide clients the ability to reduce costs while improving their processes.

If you would like to learn more about the tax outsourcing services that we provide, please contact us.

Choosing a Tax Outsourcing Partner
How you choose a tax outsourcing service provider plays a very important roll in your decision to outsource. When a business begins considering the benefits of tax outsourcing, they will likely have concerns. The most pronounced of these concerns is usually the release of sensitive financial information to the outside company providing the tax outsourcing service. For this reason, a trusted tax outsourcing partner is vital.

All providers of tax outsourcing are not alike, that is why it is important to know what different companies offer. You need to be sure the company you choose to handle you tax outsourcing can provide you with the services you need. At AG our state-of-the-art tax outsourcing solutions and proven methodology enable clients to substantially reduce cost, while focusing on their core business. A trusted tax outsourcing partner with the ability to help improve your process while reducing costs, AG can offer your company a tax outsourcing solution designed to meet your needs.
More on Tax Outsourcing
At Accounting Global we provide innovative tax outsourcing solutions that empower clients with a competitive advantage, enabling them to focus on their core activities. We deliver high quality products and services with our highly motivated and qualified team who are focused on exceeding client expectations.

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