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  The “back office” functions are the    heart of any firm’s daily operation.    Let us show you how to improve    them.
Accounting Global provides human and technological financial outsourcing services that enable clients and partners to cost effectively improve their financial processes. Financial transaction processing and reporting is the core business operation. Financial outsourcing services from Accounting Global provide several financial advantages most clients do not have: web-based workflow management tools, lower cost of skilled labor, and an operational structure that provides for dedicated, highly skilled staff in critical functions. If you are looking for a company to help you with financial outsourcing services, let AG help. Our financial outsourcing services have earned a reputation in the marketplace as well-respected highly flexible services tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
For customized financial outsourcing services, please contact us.

Considerations for Financial Outsourcing Services
Wherever the decision to seek financial outsourcing services may have stemmed from, it is important to understand that not all providers of financial outsourcing services are the same. Some providers of financial outsourcing services may only make basic bookkeeping services available to customers. Some financial outsourcing services will enter data into the accounting software you use, but then leave it up to your accountant to review the information and produce the corresponding financial reports. Unfortunately, for most companies in need of financial outsourcing services this is not enough.

When choosing a partner to provide financial outsourcing services, make sure that they can provide you with the kind of services your organization needs. We provide customized financial outsourcing services designed to meet the needs of our clients. Combined with an array of value-added services, our financial outsourcing services can help providing your company with a competitive edge. At AG we have the capability to support your company with the most secure, advanced financial outsourcing services available.

More on Financial Outsourcing Services
Accounting Global has earned a reputation in the marketplace as a well-respected provider of accounting and financial outsourcing services, with a highly flexible approach tailored to the specific needs of each client. The commitment and dedication put into our financial outsourcing services has earned us this reputation and helped to set us apart form other providing financial outsourcing services. The long-term strategy of these financial outsourcing services provides a client relationship that is truly a partnership. It brings to bear the appropriate technologies and practices to increase efficiencies and drive costs out. Make sure you learn about how you can use AG’s accounting and financial outsourcing services. For more information on how you can benefit from OPI financial outsourcing services, please contact us.

When performing the accounting function, invoices and other original information are obtained via scan, fax or voicemail. The fax and voicemail messages are then converted into an electronic file that can be saved and archived. This will provide you with a complete audit trail for each accounting transaction.

Our Accounting Services include -

» Basic Book keeping and Data Entry
» Accounts Payable
» Accounts Receivable
» MIS Reporting and Financial Analysis
» Billings
» Bank and other reconciliations
» Budgeting
» Asset Accounting and Management
» T & E processing and reporting
» Financial analysis
» Regulatory reporting
» Tax Matters
» Regulatory reporting
» Inventory accounting
» Stock option accounting
» Documentary compliance