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  The “back office” functions are the    heart of any firm’s daily operation.    Let us show you how to improve    them.
The intent for outsourcing a function can only be achieved if a service provider is chosen wisely. With not all outsource providers being alike, some provide only basic document processing and bookkeeping services, while others may go a step further and perform more sophisticated accounting and reporting functions. Making a considered decision would therefore enable you to have more control over your business at a lower cost than what you would incur towards performing these services yourself.

At AG, our approach to assisting a client in any function always provides the best combination of skills and knowledge, resulting in an excellent outsourcing service designed to achieve cost reduction, efficiencies and improved quality. Our vision for a client is one of organizational efficiency and not just of incremental change. It brings to bear advanced technology, streamlined business processes and highly skilled people, resulting in measurable performance improvements throughout our client's organization. More importantly, we offer clients our people; our passion and our inspired leadership that helps clients transcend to the next level of excellence. Our individual energy and commitment to clients is unmatched. We recognize and appreciate the trust that clients extend to us, and in turn, we make every effort to demonstrate why that trust is well placed.

Unlike many competitors, our services include a hybrid of onsite management consulting and offsite transaction processing. Today, our skills can provide clients the ability to reduce costs while improving their processes.

Some of our Unique Value Propositions could be listed as:

» Domain expertise
» Process driven business model
» Turnkey outsourcing solutions
» Web-enabled services - allow transparency of information, anytime, anywhere.
» Unique document management system - enables clients to view original source documents      online
» Total commitment to the integrity and confidentiality of client information
» Low, up-front investment with paybacks in as little as 12 months
» Potential savings of 20-25 %
» Continuous work cycle: facilities both in Canada and India allow information scanned one day to be     processed and available the next

AG therefore falls into the category of a Business Service Provider (BSP) as we assume the responsibility for the actual execution of and/or the process support and enablement of a client's business process requirements. As a BSP, we provide ongoing access to business experts as part of the service offering in addition to the underlying technical environment.