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  The “back office” functions are the    heart of any firm’s daily operation.    Let us show you how to improve    them.
Accounting GlobaI's client base consists of organizations from key growth industries, as well as some niche industries. Our clients are in the following sectors: service industry, higher education, non-profits, information technology, import distribution, healthcare, insurance and financial services.

Today's business environment requires companies to continually focus efforts on maximizing returns of their resources. Many organizations are facing pricing pressures and as a result need to effectively manage their business. The high cost of automating business processes and the shortage of accounting, finance, has limited many companies in their ability to manage their back office operations. As a result, many companies face tremendous internal difficulties in managing workflow processes and critical financial reporting is lacking.

Accounting Global professionals are proven specialists in executing end-to-end solutions for clients. This expertise comes from an innate ability to apply technology and business process techniques in ways that transform business applications and key performance relationships.

Middle Market Enterprises:

For mid-sized enterprises, we offer our proprietary itAccounts methodology. We define mid-sized enterprises as those having at least ten full-time employees engaged in accounting functions, or spending at least $ 500,000 on their internal accounting.

Our methodology is a solution that we originally developed - based on specific ERP platforms, married up with a document management and printing solutions - which can be installed on a client's premises, tailored to fit their particular needs and implemented in a reasonable period of time. The biggest advantage to this approach, aside from the fact that clients can take advantage of our latest applications, is the availability of offshore service center capabilities without excessive implementation costs. Our methodology enables us to replicate processes in a manner that provides a turn key solution for clients having as few as ten accounting personnel.

Larger Enterprises:

Larger companies typically deploy a Tier One software solutions (e.g., Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft) or highly customized software making a turn key platform unacceptable. Additionally, at least at this stage of market development, these large companies usually outsource only certain functions - seldom their entire finance and accounting operation. In these situations we run the client's systems using while leveraging best practices with a hybrid onsite and offshore capabilities. We can do this effectively because these larger enterprises typically have a team of back office personnel (a dozen or more) performing the function. That size represents sufficient critical mass such that we can build a team dedicated to that client and that process in our offshore facility. We still assign some of our personnel on-site at the client's premises to handle exceptions, ensure quality and respond to the client's day-to-day needs.