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  The “back office” functions are the    heart of any firm’s daily operation.    Let us show you how to improve    them.
Our Back office transaction-processing center provides cost effective solutions for volume-based activities. We have a full-fledged team of processing executives who have diverse experience in large volume transaction processing. We understand that speed; accuracy and focus are most needed in a back office transaction processing activity. We also understand that these activities require a lot of concentration to deliver accurate results to the client.

Our back office processing executives are carefully selected keeping the above criteria in mind. Activities that are usually large in volume, repetitive and routine in nature can be outsourced effectively to Accounting Global. Our processing center has the appropriate technology and methods to handle these activities with speed and accuracy to deliver the desired solutions and results to you.

Some of the back office transaction processing services includes -

» Claims Processing
» Credit Card Processing
» Back office document processing
» Applications processing
» Customer Database maintenance
» Documents Managements
» Returns preparation and filing
» Data capture