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  The “back office” functions are the    heart of any firm’s daily operation.    Let us show you how to improve    them.
The momentum for Business Process Outsourcing continues to grow as the factors that force companies to focus on core competencies intensify. Gartner predicts that the worldwide market for BPO will nearly triple from $106.7 billion in 1999 to $301 billion in 2004.

The key drivers for BPO include a shortage of skilled labor-not just in IT but in other core areas such as HR and finance-mergers and acquisitions, deregulation, and the competition and speed imposed by economic globalization.

What Accounting Global brings to you
»Unique Practices
»Core competence & a focused Management Team
»Efficient Execution Strategy
»Assured Quality
»Bottom line Benefits
»Access to world-class talent
»Risk mitigation

Companies that have off shored their back office services have
»Reduced corporate debt
»Increased shareholder returns (dividends)
»Increased capital investment (machinery, plants etc.)
»Acquired other companies
»Increased their R&D
»Invested in other countries

The practices we follow in accounting, payroll, tax and back office transaction processing are unique and adhere strictly to the Canadian standards. These processes have been developed in-house and are proprietary to Accounting Global. The best financial minds have put in years of research on the various practices followed worldwide and have formulated the best that is tailored for your requirements. We have incorporated world-class processes, procedures, methods and practices in everything process activity.

The business processes we manage are core competencies of our company. These are the areas where we excel and can bring you in-depth expertise, greater business value, and competitive advantage. The management team at Accounting Global comprises of chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers, HR professionals and other professionals who have extensive experience in the financial sector.Accounting Global offers this collective expertise for your exclusive benefit.

We pride in being the preferred partner to our customers, for we become part of their team in supporting their strategic business objectives and goals. We listen to our clients, gain a deep understanding of their strategic business needs, and develop customized & tailored execution solutions that exactly meet their individual requirements. Top industry specialists bring their in-depth industry knowledge and broad perspectives to develop industry-specific solutions

Accounting Global involves a series of inspections, reviews and tests used throughout to ensure that each area of operation meets the highest standard of quality. AG also tries to simulate the client's work environment to the maximum extent possible, so as to achieve higher productivity. To this end, every member of AG team is trained on understanding your requirements and on being the best client liaisons.

Ensuring consistent and reliable delivery from offshore is a function of effective Risk Mitigation. The various factors considered by AG during the risk mitigation audit are –
Process Migration; Disaster Management; Business Recovery & Continuity and Technology reliability.

Our services help you focus on the pursuit of long-term value to the business and thereby strengthening your bottom line benefits. We work with the executive team of an organization to understand the business drivers and value position of the IT service components. We analyze potential outsourcing relationships with a critical view to the balance of the strategic and financial frameworks of your particular enterprise. The goal is to utilize outsourcing only where it will enable your business to operate more effectively and competitively.

India is today well known for its highly educated workforce and employ staff all of who are graduates, many with two or more degrees in their respective fields. The favored capability of India being hailed as the most preferred BPO destination attributes to the huge pool of talent that can easily handle high-end processes like financial transactions etc., providing the advantage to MNC’s like Wilco, UK who have chosen India to offshore their back-office operations .